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Ready to achieve Life-Changing results in Your Health for a Better quality of Life?

Let's Discover your

Path to Wellness

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Reversing Aging is Natural

Premature Aging is Not

Listen to Ladell speak on this subject. Link coming soon

Health and Wellness Tips

5 Health Tips

for Strenuous Exercise

Do You want to know how to Slow Down Aging in Your Body
in order to.....

Gain More Energy?
Have a Better Understanding of Your Body?

Lose that Stubborn Weight?
Bring Your Body Back into Balance?





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What People Are Saying

Judy O.
Atlanta, Ga

"I signed up for the Ladell Hill Coaching Plan and since meeting Mr. Hill and adhering to my new lifestyle changes, I am in the best shape ever!  Ladell teaches you why and how about food, health, self-care and overall wellness via natural effective methods! I am grateful for Ladell's Coaching plan!"

Herbs and Minerals

Ladell Hill
"Nature's Man"

My grandfather started teaching me his ancestral ways of how to take care of my health when I was just 5 years old. He was the greatest teacher, but over the last few decades, I have journeyed deeper into his teachings and added to it along the way. Through my studies in microbiology, I have discovered the key to health is giving your cells and organs the compounds they need at the right time. That's what I practice in my life and use as the basis of my coaching. I look forward to assisting you on your

Path to Wellness.

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Celebrity Health Coach + Fitness Trainer / Certified Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Holistic Practitioner

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