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We are a health and wellness organization that is dedicated to empowering people to live a more natural healthy life, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Our Founder is Ladell Hill, Molecular Health Specialist, also lovingly known as Nature's Man, spent his formative years alongside his grandfather who was of Native American descent. It became part of Ladell’s DNA to understand the relationship between natural herbs and minerals and their healing effects on the human body. Ladell’s interest in health and healing grew as he entered adulthood. He focused not only on fitness, but also health and the science behind why his herbal remedies were so effective. Ladell has dedicated his life to perfecting the natural formulas for a healthier lifestyle, longevity and to slow down the aging process. His life’s passion is to enhance people’s lives through holistic healing. We offer Health and Wellness Coaching plans, quarterly Exclusive Path to Wellness Zoom conferences with a question-and-answer segment hosted by Ladell Hill himself!

Ladell has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Steve Harvey, and many other national and local Radio and TV shows. He has also been featured in magazines. He is national speaker that has traveled all over the US to speak to large and small organizations about molecular health.

Ladell is the Founder of Chuice, the chewable juice, that was featured in Whole Foods. He is also the founder of Taste of Earth, an herbal supplement company.

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